Ozone is applied to various fields and among them, only a few fields fully depend on ozone.  Ozone can show its full performance when it is properly applied according to the purpose.
Ozone is used to sterilize, deodorize, remove BOD, COD, and algae, and naturalize
poisonous matter in water.  Presentry, it is used for high treatment of industrial waste water
by pre-treatment of chemical waste water and post-treatment of biologic waste water to
reduce pollutant load.  For correct ozonization, it needs to take pilot test and
then design with the test result.




Tab water
Sewage and excretion
Treated water
Other sewage or waster water



Tab water
Sewage and excretion
Treated water
Exhaust gas from food processing    plant
Pigpen stench 



Sewage and excretion
Treated water or pure sterilization
Tab water
Food and furniture
Cooling tower and others



To remove BOD and COD in sewage
  and waste water
Fettomanganese in water
To strengthen adhesion P·E film