Ozone as an allotrope of oxygen is light blue gaseous body with molecular symbol O,
molecular weight 48, and specific gravity 1.7.
Ozone is widely applied to various water disposal because it discomposes organic matter,
sterilizers, decolorizers, deodorizers, and remove BOD and COD in water by its strong
oxidation next to Fluorine (F). Ozone has bigger solubility than that of oxygen
 in water and
OH radical (Hydroxyl Radicals) generated after self-decomposition reacts with organic
matter quickly and never leave any odor, color and chemical nature, which means that it
never causes any secondary pollution.




Ozone is generated by various ways.  They mostly use the method that electron makes two
oxygen atoms by destroying the ring of oxygen molecule.
These unstable oxygen atoms generate ozone by immediate reacting with oxygen molecule.

                        Electrode Tube                       Special Glass Tube     
                        Aluminum Coated Electrode    Charge Gap    
                        Cooling Water                         High Voltage Supply Brush
                        High Voltage Fuse                  Spacer

Fig 1-1 Construction of Ozonizer with coated glass by Inverter




Fig 1-2  Construction of general Ozonizer




1. Kozone ® Ozonizer is designed in a new type of construction using aluminum coated tube
2. Kozone ® Ozonizer has excellent solubility and energy-saving effect as it can get high
    concentration of ozone by maximizing cooling effect.
3. Kozone ® Ozonizer is easy to install even in a small space thanks to its small volume by
    its big ozone production per discharge tube (50g/hr 100g/hr)
4. Flexible operation : High efficiency by using the inverter of mid. frequency for its power
    and flexible controlling ozone production from 10 100.
5. Simple operation, maintenance, and program modification because it is automatically
    operated by program logic control system.
6. Automatic control and check of the ozone production with Ozone Monitor connected to
    the computer, which leads optimum operation.(Optional)



Fig 1-3  Power Supply for Variable Frequency





Fig 1-4  Frequency Band
and Ozone Production


Fig 1-4 Solubility of Ozone in water