Enhanced Adhesion of PE Film

Extrusion coating called Laminating was developed by Dupont in the United States. At that tine, paper and cellophane resin was simple in LDPE. But, the development to meet market's demand for higher quality, various materials and resins were used and a big improvement was achieved in its function , quality , and productivity.

Generally Laminating is to compress the resin film under molten state at high temperature (appr.300~400)by oxidation between cooling roll and another roll.

To improve adhesion, there added surface treatment on film and material during the process. There are two usual methods such as AC treatment and Corona treatment. They are not so excellent in quality but, today they are quite improved by Ozone treatment to get dhesive Strength between layers , Heat Seal and Hot Tack.

According to the method, adhesive strength has been increased from at least two tines to max. 8 times the same treatment and shows better post-process. In a Japanese case , L-LDPE/PE was applied as a Sealant in the field 10 years ago and since then , laminating has been practically applied.